About Our HCS Program

Lauren McKenna HCS, LLC was created from a desire to provide exceptional individualized supports and services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With over 20 years experience, the Program Director, Lauren McKenna, offers extensive knowledge and experience working with clients, families, staff and community partners. It is through this experience that the continued need for high standards at all levels of service delivery has been realized. The program maintains the highest standards of quality for the services and supports provided to the individuals and families we serve.

We acknowledge that each client is an individual with personal preferences, goals and unique needs. Our team members go beyond to ensure that an individualized, comprehensive approach is implemented during the planning process and the delivery of services. Our staff develop partnerships with individuals, families and professionals to create opportunities and support clients’ goals and choices.

Our company recognizes that an invaluable resource lies in its staff members. We are committed to creating a work environment which affords staff, personal and career growth opportunities and satisfaction in the knowledge that each of us can and does make a difference in someone else’s life.

We began serving our first client during August 2008. We now serve 78 consumers and families in Harris & Montgomery counties.

Our Day Programs, Community Connection and Magnolia Acres, offers our clients opportunity for self-direction and growth through skill enhancement, socialization, community participation, volunteer activities and employment support services.

We are committed to supporting the growth, success and happiness of the individuals we serve.